Stay Active in a Circle

Get fit while having fun.


Connect in a Circle

Share memorable experiences with family, friends, colleagues & community.

Inner Circle Hooping brings joy, movement and play to adult’s and children’s lives with Hula Hoop fitness, dance and entertainment in Melbourne.

Build confidence & self-expression

When was the last time you ‘played’? I mean really played, creatively as children do? Hula Hoop dance promotes curiosity, self-expression, discovery and self-esteem as we let go of self-judgement, laugh and allow ourselves to just have fun! No matter what age, we’re all just big kids at heart…

A fun and different way to get fit

Explore a unique way to stay active and reduce stress. Hula Hooping is a fun way to get fit. It benefits both the body and mind, provides you with a low impact cardio workout and tones the whole body with a focus on core strength. It also helps improve posture, coordination, balance and focus.

Connect with your community or workplace team

This circular toy, the Hula Hoop is a powerful tool to engage, unite and bring people together in community and in celebration. Laughter and play facilitates participation and connection across age groups and languages, making it a great activity for community based or corporate programs and workshops.

Vibrant hula hoop entertainment at your event

Did we mention already that Hula Hooping is FUN!? Well, we assure you that it is. Hula Hoops entertain and have a way of drawing people in. Whether you just want sit back and watch or after an inclusive entertaining activity, Hula Hoops are sure to bring a brighter tone of colour to your special event.