Hula Hoop Classes


Hula hoop classes are here in Melbourne! Enjoy an alternative and fun workout or add something different and fresh to your dance floor moves! Group classes run at Richmond and Fitzroy venues. Book your Hula Hoop group class or private session here.

Hula Hoop Active class

Hula Hoop Active classes will put a new spin on your fitness workout. This class builds core strength, works the arms and legs, and promotes low impact movement, improved posture, balance and coordination. Think functional exercises you might normally do in the gym, then add some Hula Hoop technique with a whole lot of fun! This class is suitable for adults of all ages and fitness and Hula Hooping abilities.

Hula Hoop Dance class

Learn how to Hula Hoop with tips and technique. Explore body-mind awareness and self-expression through Hula Hoop dance movement and flow. In this class you will learn Hula Hoop tricks, transitions and dance sequences plus enjoy plenty of time to play and integrate what you learn in your own unique way. In this class, we also explore breathing and concepts of mindfulness movement to unlock Hula Hoop Dance flow. This class is suitable for adults of all ages and fitness and Hula Hooping abilities.

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Hula Hoop Skill Share & Social Workshops

Enjoy 1.5 hours of Hula Hoop open space commencing with a 30minute trick share lesson to get you started and inspired.  Try out hooping for the first time, practice what you’ve been learning or simply play in a casual and welcoming environment. This Hula Hoop jam session is a great opportunity to integrate, pick up new moves and be inspired by a community of hula hoopers. Open to all ages and abilities.

Private and small group sessions with Lucy

Receive undivided attention with a 1:1 Hula Hoop session. Set personal goals, touch up on that Hula Hoop trick you’ve been trying to perfect, or learn something new of your choosing. Pricing: 1 person = $60; 2 people = $80; 3 people = $90; 4 people = $100

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Start up a new class with your friends

Can’t find time or location you’re after? Got 4 or more keen and curious friends? Get in contact to request a new class in an area and time that suits you.

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