Hula Hoop Workshop for beginners & intermediates

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Product Description

How to Pick Up a Hula Hoop with Foundational and Fancy Moves.

What you will learn: 

This workshop will occur in two parts, starting off with foundations of hula hooping to get those new to hooping comfortable with the absolute basics and for intermediates who already know how to hoop, you’ll have the opportunity and space to warm up, drill on body hooping and get back into the spin of things before stepping it up a notch in part two… During part two we will learn fancy ways to pick up the hula hoop off the ground! For intermediates, we will look at two hoop pick ups and lots of variations and tricks to lead into! Lucy will give you guidance and tips wherever you are at and there will be time to play, ask questions and jam during the throughout the workshop.

Is it the right level for me?

This workshop is perfect for a) absolute beginners who want a fun, no-commitment intro to hula hooping and b) intermediate hoopers wanting to bring some extra style to hula hoop picks ups from the ground and into the next trick they have their hoop flow tool box.  The workshop is specifically for adults and teens (however accompanied children are welcome in the studio space).

When: Saturday 3rd June, 3pm-5pm

Where: Ashtanga Yoga Centre of Melbourne, Fitzroy. Level 1, 110 – 112 Argyle St, Fitzroy, 3065, Victoria, Australia

How to get there: 

2 hour & 4 hour parking is available in all streets, though parking directly outside the studio is very limited. Please note that the car park next to the studio is not available for student use.

No. 112 tram along Brunswick Street, No. 86 tram along Smith Street, No. 96 tram along Nicholson Street National Bus Routes: 200, 208, 207, 210 along Johnson Street

Do I need a hula hoop? Hoops are provided for free use in the session. There will also be some dance hoops, polypro and travel hoops available for purchase to take home for your own (priced at $40-75 cash).


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